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Posted on: September 24, 2008 1:16 pm

It's an Official Lions Holiday!

Today is an official holiday for Lions fans. Matt Millen is finally gone, and we are dancing in the streets everywhere (I just came back in from dancing myself). We no longer have to see this face with our team (see picture to the left). We no longer being oppressed by him, and we can now be free to become an actually NFL team again. We no longer have to see wide receivers drafted in the 1st round ever year. We no longer have to see our team embarrassed every Sunday. We no longer have to wonder what Top 5 pick we will have in the next draft. We will no longer have feel ashamed to be a Lions fan!

If some of you didn't believe it before; the curse of Bobby Lane is officially over. Bobby cursed back in the 50s when the last time we were a good team. Now his 50 years of cursing the team is finally over and that is reinforced now by the greatest thing a Lions fan could ask for: the firing of Matt Millen. The Lions can now improve and actually attempt to be a successful NFL team and maybe one day actually win the Super Bowl! I know I know, I shouldn't set the bar that high but instead just hope for a playoff appearance and then some playoff victories. I just am too excited and too happy that I can see the Lions actually going somewhere now!

Who will be our next GM? Right now I don't really care and I'm not concerned with that right now. All I know is as long as the new GM isn't named Matt Millen, I will be happy. All Lions know how bad it's been, and right now all we care about is that he's finally gone! All the others might be scared and realize that the Lions won't be just a cake walk team every week. They are nervous now because the Lions will actually become a team that will be a challenge. The Packers, Bears, and Vikings won't just be competing with each for the NFC North anymore, but now they will have to worry about the Lions winning it. If I wake up and this a dream, I will be very upset. I'm not dreaming right? This is really happening? Please, tell me I'm actually seeing this happen! I never thought I see this happen until Millen or Ford Sr. croaked.

So from here on out, September 24th is "Lions Freedom Day" and will be recognized as an official holiday. Yes that means no school and no work. We deserve it and we couldn't be happier, so we need some time to enjoy this moment and celebrate it! Matt Millen is gone; all the Lions say:


Posted on: June 27, 2008 9:45 am
Edited on: June 27, 2008 9:50 am

What was Joe D thinking?

I usually don't find myself asking this question too many times because 99% of the time he is a genius and makes the right call. But that 1% are the times when Joe D looks more like another Detroit GM (Matt Millen) . Like when he drafted Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, etc. Well this year's NBA Draft was only one of those 1% moments where I found myself thinking, "Was Matt Millen drafting for the Pistons or was it actually Joe Dumars?

When it rolled around to the Pistons 1st round pick, I found myself very excited. I was hoping somehow someone good would fall to us and we would get lucky. Well my prayers were answered when Chris Douglas-Roberts and DeAndre Jordan were both available at the Pistons pick. I sat there waiting to see which one we would get and would have been happy with either one (CDR more), but instead I hear D.J. White's name called. I thought, "Huh, well I guess he's not that bad, but why didn't we get CDR?" I was upset, but I was willing to live with the White pick.

Then a trade happened; The Pistons traded D.J. White for the SuperSonics two 2nd round picks (32nd and 46th). So then I was thinking, "Well maybe now they are going to draft one of those guys, or maybe even Bill Walker." Any of those 3 would have made me happier than I am right now. They go and select Walter Sharpe from UAB. I almost punched the TV and started to cry. Before I went crazy I decided maybe Joe D knew something about this guy that I didn't. To be honest, I had never heard of him until now. So I looked him up and did some research. When I was done, I about lost it. A guy that bounced around between 3 different colleges, has narcolepsy, got arrested at a nightclub, and was shot. Hmmmm, sounds like a perfect fit for the Pistons doesn't it? The other two picks, Trent Plaisted and Deron Washington were two other forwards. So the Pistons drafted 3 forwards in this draft. I can't say anything about Plaisted since he is another guy I have no clue about, but Washington is almost the same type of player as Sharpe. So why draft him? Just to keep up with how horrible we've been drafting so far?

I was very disappointed with Joe D this year in the draft. After a great year last year in getting Rodney Stuckey and Arron Afflalo, going to such a horrible year this year in getting Walter Sharpe, Trent Plaited, and Deon Washington. It just makes me wonder what Dumas was thinking when he made these picks, or even it was even him at all but instead it was Matt Millen!

Posted on: January 31, 2008 12:52 pm

Only One More!

Being a fan of Michigan sports, I have been proud to say I'm a fan of Detroit sports teams ...... other than the Lions. The Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers have all had all of success in the last few years and in their entire histories as well. Our football team, the Lions, are the only sports team that has never had any success to be proud of. Other than Barry Sanders, we have had to nothing to be proud of from our Lions since the '50s!

The Red Wings are possibly the best hockey franchise ever, the Pistons just won their 3rd franchise championship in 2004 and went to the Finals again in 2005 (but lost to the Spurs), and the Tigers just made it to their first World Series since 1984 in 2006 (but lost to the Cardinals). Now they have added Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera in the offseason making them one next baseball season's early favorites.

Why can't the Lions get their act together and make our major sports teams complete! Can't Ford fire Matt Millen! Or can't he sell them to someone who would actually give a crap! Even one of our college teams,  the Michigan Woverines, came back from an embarrassing loss to a Division II team to beat the "mighty" SEC Florida Gators! If the Lions franchise could get it together, I would be completely happy with our all our sports franchises.

Heck, even the WNBA Detroit Shock have won some championships, but yet we are still waiting on the Lions! Does anyone believe the Lions will every come around, thus making our sporst franchises complete? Then we would be able to compete with the Boston sports for the most complete all sports franchises. Don't get upset with me Boston fans; I didn't say we were better or even close. We would be close if the LIONS COULD ACTUALLY WIN!

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