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Andrew Bynum - A Disgrace to the NBA

I can't hold my tongue, what Andrew Bynum just did sickens me. I haven't bothered posting here or reading much of anything during the playoffs but this is just plain out disgusting. I know it's shocking to watch the Lakers get swept in the 2nd round by the Mavericks and this 30+ (currently) beatdown is just a bad way for the Lakers to end their season (and most likely Phil Jackson's career, which is sad it has to end like this), but for guys like Lamar Odom and Bynum to intentionally try to hurt their opponents out of frustration is stupid and embarassing not only for the Lakers and their fans, but for all NBA fans. Now Odom's wasn't really much, just an elbow to Dirk while both were at the top of the key, but what Bynum did, and for a second time might I add, was unbelievable. It's one thing to play physical and two big guys bang in the post and give some hard fouls, but to throw an elbow into the ribs of a defenseless player in mid-air is not something that should be tolerated in the NBA.

You only have one intention when you do that and it's to inflict as much pain to that player as possible. Add that fact that it was tiny Jose Barea and it just makes Bynum look even more like a goon that has no business playing basketball. If this would have been the first time it would be bad enough, but the fact that he already did it before in the regular season to Michael Beasley , just makes this even worse. I have nothing against the Lakers, their fans, Kobe, (in fact I hate seeing Phil Jackson go out like this) and I'm not a fan of the Mavericks, Dirk, etc. either. I just don't believe a big goon like Bynum deserves to play in the NBA when he's only trying to inflict serious harm to opposing players and has some serious immaturity problems with himself. He had the nerve to say there was trust issues with the Lakers, and I find it hard to believe it's not him that is the one who can't be trusted. He's gotten burned by more Tyson Chandler PnRs than anyone on the Lakers and is as much to fault for them getting demolished in this series as the rest of the team.

He should be suspended for at least 10+ games next year and if the Lakers were smart, they would trade him to some poor team that wants a 7-foot baby that is only good for throwing his elbows at defensless players in mid-air. Bynum is a joke and it's joke if the NBA let's him get away with this without serious punishment. I'm all for physical play (hell I'm a Bad Boys Pistons fan), but trying to seriously harm someone like that is digusting, disgraceful, and not something I want to watch when I watch NBA games.

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NBA Southwest Division Preview - 2009/2010

The Southwest division has become the best division in the NBA. There seems to be a lot of rivalry games and tough competition mainly to due the fact that 3 of the teams are located in Texas (San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston). They've had four of their teams making the playoffs for the last couple years now, all four of those teams constantly flirting or reaching 50 wins in a season. The division is filled with some of the best players in the game with Duncan, Nowitzki, and Paul. For the last three years, at two of the top three seeds in the West have come from this division. The division is filled with legends like Timmy D, J-Kidd, and AI, but it also has young stars that will be among the best players in the NBA for years to come in CP3, Tony Longoria, and possible Mayo. There are also three MVP candidates (two of which have won the award before) in Paul, Dirk, and Duncan.

The division is always very competitive and only Memphis has been a team that doesn't contend in the playoffs.   There won't be a team that dominates this division because of much talent each team has and how competitive each team is. Following will be my analysis of this division and how I see each team turning out this season.

1. San Antonio Spurs

Since Duncan has been here, this team has always been among the best teams in the league, and has always been a contender for the title. Duncan is the kind of player that has the greatness to lead his team to victory no matter what the talent around him. However, he does have a good amount of talent around him and that just gives this team an even better chance at success.

Starting at the point we have Tony Parker , a.k.a. "Eva's husband." A Top 5 PG who is lightning quick and has improved his scoring each year. He is one of the best players at penetrating to the basket, and that proves very valuable to his team. Then you have the other guard in Manu Ginobili , a.k.a. "The Argentinean Flopper." He is one of the best shooters in the game and makes it harder on defenses with his ability to take it up with his left hand or right hand (being naturally left handed). He is a good team player that has won championships at both the NBA and Olympic level.

We move to the forwards with the newly acquired Richard Jefferson . He is a very gifted scorer that can shoot or penetrate the lane. However, he has been known as one of the weaker defenders in the league. Then we have the also newly acquired (damn Joe D, why didn't you resign him?) Antonio McDyess . An aging big man that can do whatever you need him to. He can hit that mid-range jumper, he can rebound, and he can play good post defense.

Then at center we go to "Mr. Fundamental" himself, Tim Duncan . Getting older now, but still one of the best big men in the game and guy who just knows how to win. To quote Ricky Bobby, "he wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence." He has the best post moves in the league on offense, and is still one of the best post defenders and shot blockers in the NBA.

They have very good, young bench players in George Hill , Roger Mason Jr. , and their rookie DeJuan Blair . I might be higher on most about Blair, but I think he was a huge steal in the 2nd round for the Spurs, and they've had a couple other 2nd round draft picks turn out very well (Parker and Ginobili). Not to mention that he'll have one of the greatest big men in NBA history teaching in Timmy D. The only concern about him seems to be his injuries in the past (but they were both in high school, not in college and didn't slow him down in college). They also have veteran big men defender Theo Ratliff , and veteran scorer Michael Finely to add some more depth off the bench.

My prediction: 57-25 (1st or 2nd seed in the West)

Timmy D doesn't have much time left to get another title before he retires, but this is probably the best chance he'll get. Parker is improving to the point where he can take over any game with his scoring and playmaking skills, Ginobili should be at full health this year, and the additions of Jefferson and McDyess should prove very valuable to this team. The only weakness I can see for this team is the loss of Bruce Bowen. He never contributed a lot in terms of offense or stats, but he was their best perimeter defenders and one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. Now that he has retired, they don't have any great perimeter defender to rely on. Ginobili can look good at times with his flopping, but that won't be enough when playing against some of the best perimeter players in the league.

I don't think that will keep them from being one of the best teams this year and making to the Western Conference Finals, but if they have to play the Lakers to go to the NBA Finals, there is no one to stop Kobe Bryant and that could prove costly. But Timmy D and the interior defense will really have to step it up if they want to make up for Kobe beating them on the perimeter. However, that interior defense has proved to be very valuable in the past and can get them to the Finals if it's at it's best with Duncan and McDyess. If they play the Lakers, I think it goes to 7 games without question and it's going to come down to Duncan and Kobe, who can will their team to victory. It's a toss up for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Spurs won or the Lakers won.

2. Dallas Mavericks

This is the team I will enjoying watching the most out of the West this year (of course I won't favor them over my Pistons though). They have two of my favorite players of this past decade, Kidd and Marion, who were teammates earlier in their careers for the Phoenix Suns and will now be teammates on the Mavs.

This is a team of aging veterans who have a small window of time for winning a title before their careers are over. However, they are still very good players that can contribute a lot to a successful team. Also, the amount of talent doesn't always equal the amount of success you have. A factor that comes into play in their advantage with these older veterans are, ironically, their age. With their age comes years of valuable NBA experience. They know how to play the game just as well as anyone, but it depends if their bodies can keep up with their brains.

We start with the floor general Jason Kidd . He's not the same player he use to be, but he's still among the best playmakers and passers in the game. Also, he's still one of the best defending PGs in the game as well. He knows how to run the team and is unselfish as they come, looking to find his teammates for open shots. Then we move to Josh Howard , the perimeter scoring threat. He has plenty of talent, but it's his attitude that hurts him at times. If he can keep his attitude in check and play team basketball, this guy can score very well and prove very valuable to this team.

At forward, the Mavs have newly acquired Shawn Marion . He has struggles the last two years, but that is due to him not being with a true PG. Other than the one year between Kidd leaving Phoenix and Steve Nash joining the Suns (with Stephon Marbury at PG), he's always had a true PG to play along side with him until he joined the Heat . However, he stepped up his game quite a bit after being traded to the Raptors last season (coincidence that he was playing with another true PG again in Jose Calderon ?). Marion is not a guy that can make plays for himself and be one of your main scoring threats. However, now with the Mavs he won't have to do that since they have Howard and Dirk. He can spread the defense with Kidd being able to find him for open shots, and he can use his athleticism to cut to the basket for easy buckets and alley oops being set up to him from Kidd. But this biggest value is his defense, which has not gotten worse regardless of his struggles. He is still a very good perimeter defender that can cover anyone from the 1 to the 4.

Of course we can't forget the team's best player, Dirk Nowitzki . Dirk is still one of the best scorers and most difficult players to defend because of his size and shooting abilities. With Marion being able to defend the team's best perimeter scorer and Dampier or the newly acquired Gooden being able to cover the post threat, Dirk will be able to focus more on offense this year than ever; which should provide some very good results (possibly MVP again?). Then their other post player will be either Erick Dampier or Drew Gooden . Dampier has become old, slow, and pretty much just a guy to clog the lane now. However, Gooden is still relatively young and could be valuable to them as a starter. He is not a great defender, but he's is not a bad one either. He's a very capable post defender and very good rebounder as well.

They also have possibly the best 6th man in the game in Jason Terry . "The Jet" should get lots of playing time again this season being able to fill in at either guard spot and provide lots of scoring. He will prove to be very valuable to this team coming off the bench, especially to give the old J-Kidd a breather and keep his legs fresh.

My prediction: 54-28 (3rd or 4th seed in the West)

I think the Mavs are going to have a very good season this year and will be a Top 4 seed. Marion should be able to find lots of success and chemistry with his former teammate in Kidd, and also contribute a lot of defense thus taking the pressure off Dirk and Howard that will allow them to score better and more efficiently. The only issue with this team of course is their post defense, and that should prove to be costly when going against the Lakers and Spurs who both have post-scoring threats.

I'll root for them to make a huge upset and somehow win the West, but I just don't seem the being able to overcome Duncan with the Spurs and Pau Gasol and Kobe with the Lakers. Who knows though, miracles can happen.

3. New Orleans Hornets

After CP3 had his breakout season in 07/08 leading his team the 2nd seed in the West and being the runner-up to the MVP Kobe Bryant, the Hornets were not able to repeat their success in 08/09 (although they still came within 1 game from having another 50 win season). However, Tyson Chandler missing 37 games seems to be at the root of their problems. After getting rid of Chandler this off-season, they replace him with athletic center in Okafor. The question is will he be able to provide a better center for them than Chandler> Well let's take a look

At the point they have the best PG in the game and one of the best players in the NBA in Chris Paul . He's become an amazing playmaker that can score, pass, and defend all at a high level. He is a very good leader at such a young age, and that can only improve with more experience. After losing last year's starting SG Rasual Butler , they will now have to turn to Morris Peterson to start. But we've seen his minutes drastically decrease each year since '06 so I expect him to share time with Devin Brown and even Posey at times here. Really doesn't matter who's there because Paul has the playmaking capabilities to get his players open shots.

At forward you have the 3pt specialist in Peja Stojakovic . He's as good as he was in his Kings days, but he's still a very good outside shooter that Paul can find on plenty of open shots. James Posey should see some time here as well as (seeing time at both wing positions) because of his valuable defense, outside shooting, and clutch play. Posey has contributed quite a bit to two previous NBA champions ('06 Heat and '08 Celtics ). At the other forward is David West . He has developed a very good chemistry with Paul, best two-man PNR game in the league, which provides the main source of offense for this Hornets team.

Then at center you have the newly acquired Emeka Okafor . He's not as tall as Chandler but he's younger, just as athletic, just good of a rebounder, and even better defender. We might not see the alley-oops like Paul did with Chandler so often, but he is solid post scorer and can do more in one-on-one situations instead of having to be set up by Paul every time (like Chandler did). He won't need to be a main post scoring threat for them with West, but mainly their post presence on defense. He's been among the league's best shot blockers and rebounders, and his post defense is very good as well. It may take him a little while to get some chemistry with Paul and his other teammates, but he can be just as valuable or even more valuable than Chandler was. Plus he's not an injury risk like Chandler has become since getting older.

My prediction: 50-32 (5th seed in the West)

A team led by Paul will always make the playoffs and no matter whom the other four players are he's going to be at the top of his game and win this team games. The system and style they run fits perfectly into his game, and he has players that compliment him very well. That's key for your best player to have all those things working for him. They only issue for this team is a lack of a perimeter scorer. They have Paul at point, they have West down low, but Peja is no longer that legitimate perimeter scoring threat that they can rely on. That's the only thing standing in the way of them making it to the WCFs and having a good shot at beating the Lakers or Spurs. However, they should still have plenty of success and get around the 5th seed in the West this year. I just don't see them as being a contender with the two favorites, but Paul has already shocked the world once in 07/08, so he could always shock the world again (and prove me wrong) and take his team to the WCFs and give either the Lakers or Spurs a run for their money.

4. Houston Rockets

After finding out Yao Ming will miss the entire year for 09/10 and T-Mac will likely be out until after the All Star Break, the Rockets are really going to have rely on their young players to step up and keep this team competitive and successful. The Rockets have had success before when Yao was out with an injury for extended time, and they've had success when T-Mac was out with an injury for extended time. However, they've never had to deal with them both being injured at the same time for this long. How will they fair this season because of it? Well.....

At the point they will have the young Aaron Brooks . He became a big scoring threat for the Rockets towards the end of the season and the playoffs last year, and he should only improve on that this year. To start out, Shane Battier should look to get the start at the other guard position until Tracy McGrady returns from his injury. He is still arguably the best perimeter defender in the game, and that is valuable to this team's success.

At forward is the newly acquired Trevor Ariza . Ariza is a good defender and good shooter with lots of athleticism who contributed to a title with the Lakers last season. However, with T-Mac out for the first half and Yao out for the year, he will look at to be their main scoring option. Can he take his game to another level and step up to fill that role? At the other forward is young big man Luis Scola . Scola is not athletically gifted nor does have any unique and special abilities. What makes him a good player is his hard work, hustle, and toughness that makes him successful. He works hard on the boards to get rebounds and he uses smart, precise moves in the post on offense to score. Like Ariza, he's going to have to step it up even more this year with the loss of Yao.

Now that Yao is out for the season and Mutombo has realized, what we all have known a couple years now, that he is to old to play anymore the Rockets had to scramble to find someone to play center for them. All they could find was David Anderson. Anderson was drafted by the Hawks in 2002 but has spent his career playing for Australian and Europe leagues. He's big and has size, but so was Shawn Bradley and that guy was horrible. I don't know much about this guy so I can't really say how good he will be for them, but I can tell you that he will not come close to filling Yao's shoes.

My prediction: 46-36 (8th seed in the West, or barely missing playoffs)

I think Brooks, Battier, Ariza, and Scola can keep this team from completely falling apart until T-Mac returns. When he returns, he will be rusty and still getting over that micro fracture surgery so he won't be at the top of his game. However, despite having injury problems every year the Rockets some how always find a way to make the playoffs. This year is a little different though with both their stars out until at least the All Star break. It all depends on how T-Mac heals from his surgery. If he is able to come back at 100% shortly after the All Star break, this team should be able to make the playoffs, but if he struggles to get healthy at all this season they could be barely missing out on the playoffs this year.

5. Memphis Grizzlies

When you have a team with lots of young talent in players like Mayo, Gay, Conley, Arthur, and the #2 overall pick in Thabeet what do you think the best acquisitions would be to make in the off-season? Would you get two notorious "me first" players in Randolph and Iverson? I know I wouldn't if I was the GM. However, a bigger concern for this team is their financial issues and the need to sell more tickets and merchandise. So from a business standpoint, it was something that had to be done regardless of what it does to your actual team.

However, I think AI has gotten a bad rap for being too much of a ball hog when frankly until he joined the Nuggets , he had no one else to do the scoring when he was on the 76ers . However, that has made it more difficult on him to fit into a different role than the one he has been use to his entire career. We seen last year with the Pistons that he couldn't fit into that team player/role player and not the star role. With the Grizzlies it should be different because they don't need him to be a set up guy and a role player; they need him to be one of their stars.

Allen Iverson will have to play the point position for the Grizzlies this year because of his size and the fact that they won't bench their star in the making in Mayo. Despite getting the reputation as a ball hog and selfish player, he is a very capable passer and playmaker. He has shown that with his assist numbers, and for anyone that has actually watched a lot of him you'd see he is able to penetrate the lane so well that defenses collapse on him and give other players open shots. I'm not saying he will be Jason Kidd or anything, but he's not going to be jacking up 30-40 shots and never passing the ball. He will draw the defense to himself and pass it to the open man if he can't find a shot for himself.

At the other guard is O.J. Mayo . Then 2nd year guard out of USC has shown he was worth the hype. He is a very good scorer who is a capable passer himself. He has a very bright future in the NBA, but he may see his numbers dip this year with AI and Randolph on the team now. At the other wing position is Rudy Gay . Gay is a very athletic forward who can score very well and loves to play above the rim. Like Mayo and the other young players on the team, his numbers might see a dip because of the scoring veteran additions, but that doesn't mean he is declining at all.

The newly acquired Zach Randolph should see most of his time at power forward for Memphis. I can see the Grizzlies rotating Gasol here at times to give their first round draft pick Thabeet more time at center. Randolph is a very good scorer and rebounder. He's a weak defender, but he doesn’t have many weaknesses outside of that as far as his talents are concerned. The problem with his is that he can become what is known as a "black hole" on offense. He will rarely give the ball back to his teammates after he gets the ball. He's going to put up good numbers, but that's going to affect the overall team negatively.

At center they have the young Marc Gasol , a.k.a. "The Other Gasol." He showed that he is a very good big man in the NBA and has benefited from his time overseas. He is not an athletic or physical gifted player, but he is a very fundamental player that knows how to play the game well. He has good post moves on offense, is capable rebounder and defender, and knows how to play team basketball. The problem is, not many other players on this team know how to play team basketball as well. Expect Hasheem Thabeet to steal some minutes from Gasol this year to provide rebounder and post defense off the bench. Thabeet has tons of talent and potential, and they won't let their No. 2 overall pick go to waste on the bench.

They also have two young talented players in Mike Conley and Darell Arthur who will most likely see limited playing time this year. Those players are young and need time to improve, but they might not get many chances this year to do that.

My prediction: 36-46

From a business standpoint, this team will have achieved it's goal of making more money than they have in the past with Iverson and Randolph putting up numbers, selling jersey and other merchandise, and winning this team a few more games. However, this will hurt their young players and not give them as much chances to improve and develop like they should be. So while the Grizzlies will be happy with this decision now, they will regret a few years down the road. They don't have a shot at making the playoffs, and I'd be surprised to see this team win 40 games.

So that's it for my preview of the Southwest division. Look out for the other 5 division previews on the blogs of other posters (Feanor, ignorepeter, HurricaneDij39, GoHornets21, and kmvenne)

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Under the Radar?

With a great performance against Philly last night, I was surprised when I looked at Chris Paul's stats and realized how little he is being talked about this year. We are all hearing LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant for MVP but why no Paul? Do people just think of it as a given after his breakout year last year? Do we think that he has the #1 PG spot locked up so we expect this kind of play from him? What he's been doing this year is even more amazing than last year. Let's compare the stats shall we:

Last year (07-08) : 21.1 ppg 11.6 apg 4.0 rpg 2.7 spg 48.8% FG  36.9% 3pt  85.1% FT

This year (08-09) : 21.3 ppg 11.1 apg 5.5 rpg 2.8 spg 50.1% FG  33.7% 3pt  87.3% FT

He is also leading the league in triple-doubles with 5, and has even came close, on two occasions, to getting the coveted quadruple-double. Once against the Mavericks on Januray 14th (33 points 11 assists 10 rebounds 7 steals) and again last night against the 76ers (27 points 15 assists 10 rebounds 7 steals). There is still time left this season, so he still has a good shot at getting one. He finished 2nd behind Kobe last year for the MVP, but this year I don't think I've heard anyone even put him in the Top 3. Why is that? You can't say the Hornets were better last year because they were 29-12 at this point last year and are 27-14 right now (only a 2 game difference). They could very well finish just as good or better than last year.

So after going through all of that, I'm still confused at why we are not hearing as much about CP3 this year? Why is he not in the discussion for MVP (most seem to have it pegged down to LeBron, Kobe, and Howard)? Please, someone explain this madness to me!

Posted on: May 11, 2008 12:16 am

NBA Coach Madness

Recently there has been alot of shaking up going on with coaches in the NBA. Coaches leaving and going to other teams, and other coaches finally getting a job again. Let's take a look at what has gone on so far:

Larry Brown to the Bobcats:

Larry Brown was hired to become the new coach in Charlotte. He is a highly prestige coach that has alot of experience and has been very successful; most recently winning the 2004 NBA Finals with the Detroit Pistons. He is a defensive minded coach which just adds to how valuable he is because of the importance defense has on being successful in the NBA. The Bobcats are a young team that has lots of young talent. If Brown can get these guys to play defense, and work together as a team like he always has been able to do, don't be surprised to see them in the playoffs next year. He was able to take the 76ers to the playoffs almost every year and all they had was Allen Iverson. He has Gerald Wallace, Jason Richardson, Emeka Okafor, and Raymond Felton to work with here. This was a very smart move by MJ, and should help the Bobcats to finally have some success

Rick Carlisle to Mavericks:

Mark Cuban decided to get rid of his young coach Avery Johnson because of their struggles in the playoffs recently. First he gets rid of Nelly, and now Avery? Does anyone see a pattern here? New coaches yet same old struggles? Maybe it's him and not the coaches that should be punished

Anyways their new coach, Carlisle, is also another experienced NBA coach. Won the COY with the Pistons in 2002 and led the Pacers to league leading 61 wins in 2004. He also took them all the way to the ECFs, but only to lose to the Pistons in their championship run. Is he the answer for the Mavericks? Probably not. The Jason Kidd trade destroyed the Mavs future, and next year will be their last to compete for the title for along time. It's probably only a matter of time before Cuban gets upset again and fires Carlisle.

Mike D'Antoni to the Knicks:

Oh boy this should be interesting. The Knicks finally decided to answer the pleas of their fans and finally get rid of Isiah. Now, with Walsh running the show, things have gotten interesting. Walsh has definitely going to go after one of these big name coaches from the beginning. When the "D'Antoni to the Bulls" rumors started, I thought for sure he was going there. When I saw today that Mike had decided to go the Knicks, I can't say I was completely shocked. It did take me by surprised, but it's kind of a perfect fit for him. D'Antoni has always been a guy that doesn't preach defense has a "short" bench. With the Knicks, he probably won't have to change much. They already don't play much any defense, and their bench just sucks anyways.

Can he turn them around? I'm sure they will improve from the pathetic year they have had this year, but don't expect him to have the same results, or anything close to it, that he had in Phoenix. He might be able to sneak them into the playoffs somehow with how well he can run the offense, but don't expect him to do wonders in New York.

Scott Skiles to the Bucks:

This is an "okay" sign by the Bucks. They have a playoff caliber team with guys like Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, Mo Williams, and Ramon Sessions. Skiles was able to have some success with the Bulls, but the team gave up on him and fell apart this year. He may not be the best of coaches, but he is better than Larry Krystkowiak. He should be able to help Bucks improve from they way they have been playing recently. Will he get them to the playoffs? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. We will see what happens. This isn't a huge sign for the Bucks, but it's not like Krystikowiak is going to do any better.

Erik Spoelstra to the Heat:

Pat Riley has called it quits again. He's going to step down from the coaching job and resume only his GM duties. The guy taking over the job is Erik Spoelstra. He has been a video coordinator for the Heat since 1995, and has become an assistant coach/video coordinator for the Heat. He is the youngest head coach in the league at 37, and has never been a head coach on any level besides the NBA Summer Leauge. He is inexperienced, and is taking over the league's worst team this year. Though it's not all bad. Dwyane Wade should be at full health again next year, they have acquired Shawn Marion in a trade with the Suns, and alot of the Heat players are confident in Spoelstra and believe in him.

Can he make the Heat bounce back next year? I think he can. He is inexperienced, but with the great players the Heat have, a high draft pick coming, and the confidence his team has him, I believe the Heat could be a back in the playoffs next year. Who knows, they might even be contenders again very soon.

There are still some coaches out there and teams that need one. The Bulls still need a new coach, and Avery Johnson still needs a job. Rumors of Avery becoming the Bulls new coach have come up. Rumors of college Michigan State Spartans head coach, Tom Izzo, taking over for the Bulls has also been talked about. Mark Jackson was rumored to be looking to head coach, and was at one thought to go to the Knicks, but that isn't happening anymore.
Posted on: February 24, 2008 9:18 pm

Jason Kidd looking good....still doubting him?

Jason Kidd has been playing great in his last couple games. After his bad debut with the Mavericks, he has had two great games. He is averaging 7.3 points 12.3 assists 6.0 rebounds 3.7 steals and 100% FT shooting in his 3 games in Dallas, and more importantly they are 2-1 with him (losing to Chris Paul and the Hornets in his bad debut).

After looking lost and confused in his debut (trying to get use to their system; it's not easy for PG to adjust), he now seems like he's learning the Mavs system very well and is starting to fit in nicely. He has had 2 back to back 15+ assist 4 steal games. His points are not getting any higher, but he has never been a scorer. He is a great floor general that is excellent at distributing the ball and playing defense.

He is also working well with Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk's numbers with Kidd: 29 points 7.3 rebounds. Dirk doesn't have to worry about being the team's only leader anymore, and now has some else who can take over a game when he needs help. Relieving this pressure off of Dirk's shoulders will help him play much better (maybe he won't choke in the playoffs now).

For all the people who doubted him (cough...Viktor....cough) what do you have to say now? Do you still doubt he can take the Mavs to the WCF's? Do you think he's just getting lucky? Do you think he's only doing good because the last two teams where the Grizzlies and Timberwolves? Do you still think they will do worse with him now? Will you ever admit you were wrong if they make it to the WCFs?

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Edited on: February 22, 2008 9:51 am

2008 Playoff Outlook

Well, now that the trade deadline is over, and there can be no more suprises (or can there be?), I will give my layout for this year's playoffs:


(1) Boston Celtics
(8) Chicago Bulls       

(4) Cleveland Cavaliers
(5) Toronto Raptors

(3) Orlando Magic
(6) Washington Wizards

(2) Detroit Pistons
(7) Atlanta Hawks

Boston advances (in 5 games)
Cleveland advances (in 6 games)
Washington advances (in 7 games)
Detroit advances (in 4 games)

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (Conference semifinals)
Detroit Pistons vs. Washington Wizards (Conference semifinals)

Boston advances (in 6 games)
Detroit advances (in 5 games)

Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons (ECFs)

Detroit advances (in 7 games)


(1) Dallas Mavericks
(8) Denver Nuggets

(4) Phoenix Suns
(5) San Antonio Spurs

(3) Utah Jazz
(6) New Orleans Hornets

(2) Los Angeles Lakers
(7) Golden State Warriors

Dallas advances (in 5 games)
San Antonio advances (in 6 games)
Utah advances (in 6 games)
Los Angeles advances (in 5 games)

Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs (Conference semifinals)
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz  (Conference semifinals)

Dallas advances (in 7 games)
Los Angeles advances (in 6 games)

Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Lakers (ECFs)

Los Angeles advances (in 6 games)

2008 NBA Finals:

Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Detroit wins in 6

So there you have it. A rematch of the '04 Finals, and the Pistons triumph again. Should be another year of exciting playoffs because I'm sure I won't get half of these right.


Posted on: January 15, 2008 4:02 pm

Why Steve Nash is Overrated

Well, all of you who know knew this was coming. It was inevitable, and I could not resist the urge. So, here we go again!

Steve Nash is overrated. Not only did he not deserve either MVP award, he also is not even in the top 10 PGs in the league. You may say, "Are you crazy? He leads the league in assists, he shoots over 50%, and he turned around the Suns and made them into a winning team now! How could you call him overrated?" Well here is your answer.

His stats are decieving because they are inflated by his team. I hate it that everyone says he makes the Suns better, when in fact it is the other way around. When Nash was on the Mavericks, he was never seen as a top PG in the league. He wasn't in the All Star game every year. He was only seen as good, but not great PG. When he was at Dallas he never averaged 9 assists per game ever. His FG % was in the 47%-48% range most of the years. His points were always around 15 ppg - 17ppg. Now that he is on the Suns, his assist sky rocketed to around 10-11 apg a year, his FG% is above 50%, and his points are above 18 ppg! Now, I don't think there would have been a single person who said the Suns had a better team than the Mavericks, so how did his stats get better after going to a worse team? The answer is simple if you have ever watched the Suns play a game. It is because the Suns run an fast break offense, where they are going to get lots of points and lots of assists, but they could care less about their defense. Which is why the Suns as a team are overrated as well. The players are going to score and get assists, especially the PG. Nash gets tons of wide open shots which inflates his FG% and points. His assists went up because he is on a higher scoring team that could care less about defense as long as they score lots of points. That's the statistically reason for why he is overrated.

I already know your next response, "Well he turned around the team, and the PG before him (Stephon Marbury) couldn't get it done!" Well, there is an explaination for that as well. The PG before him, "Starbury" could not get it done because he is a terrible PG. If you don't believe me look at the Knicks. The team turned around because they found a PG that could run their offense. He fits the system, but Im sure there are more PGs that could do just as good or better a job them him. There have been other players who joined a new team and turned them around, but never won an MVP for it. Here is an example: Jason Kidd joined the New Jersey Nets in the '01-'02 season. The previous season, '00-'01, the Nets went 26-56. The year Kidd joined the team they went 52-30! What is even better was, he took the Nets all the way to the NBA Finals! Nash has yet to get the Suns into the NBA Finals. But Jason Kidd didn't win the MVP. Why is that?

Nash does not deserve the MVP just for making his team better. He may be very valuable to his team, but there are other players who are more valuable to their team, but didn't win the award. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are just as much or even more valuable to their team then Nash. The MVP should be given to the player who had the best year. Which is a combination of stats and your team's success. So, because he got 2 undeserving MVPs and is seen as one of the best PGs (but he is not even in the top 10), then that means he is overrated. You can call me crazy or say I don't know what I'm talking about, but if you look at all the evidence I am right.

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Posted on: January 15, 2008 4:00 pm
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