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Posted on: July 21, 2009 5:09 pm

What has the world come to?

Can you remember when athletes were just athletes? Before all the movie star, celebrity athletes when all they cared about was traing hard and doing their best at their sport. Now I'm not talking about way back when athletes weren't paid millions of dollars and they had to have other jobs to survive. I'm about since athletes started making the big bucks. Can you remember back when there wasn't any star athlete in any sport that was looking improve their image or make even more ridiculous money by staring in a movie or doing some other form of entertainment?

I bring this up of course because it seems to be worse now than ever. Athletes are no longer looking to star in movies or get big time endorsement deals anymore, but no that's not enough for them. Now they want their own "reality TV” shows that are all about them. It's one thing to have an athlete play a role in a movie, which forces them to miss some training time, but it's another thing when that athlete plays a huge part or is the star of a movie. But it's plain our ridiculous for any athlete to have their own TV show. Why I ask? What's the need for it? What good can it do? It can't be about the money because they have plenty already.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I'm talking about Terrell Owens and Shaquille O'Neal. Of course if anyone would do it, it would be T.O. so that comes as no surprise to me. It's still ridiculous because he's wasting his time participating in the "Superstars" challenges (where he could very well injury himself and really screw himself and his team over) instead of practicing and preparing for his up coming debut with his team, the Buffalo Bills. If that's not enough, he also has to have a "reality" TV show, "The TO Show" to have people watch him and his entourage in their "real lives." Like we haven't seen enough of the "The TO Show" when he was with the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. Shouldn't TO be worried about actually contributing to a team and be a team player for once; he has yet to win the ultimate prize in the NFL: The Super Bowl. Shouldn't that be his main concern, and not reality TV shows?

Then there is Shaq. Now it's really not that surprising that Shaq is doing his own TV show as well because he can never be out done by anyone (he won't let TO get all the lime light). His makes a little more sense (but that's not saying much) than "The TO Show," because he's actually competing in athletic events and will be training before each show. However, he is not like Shaq is some young guy here. He is 37 years old and his body is not near what it use to be. He could very well get injured in one of these events, especially since he has a very competitive nature and will be going up against the best players at their respective sports (who are also very competitive and could get very carried away, especially if it looks like Shaq could beat them). You'd think with all the time he wastes on movies (Kazaam) and TV shows that he could have very well used that time to improve his game? I bet if he had practiced free throws instead he'd be able to make more the 50% of his FTs. He says this is a new way to help him train in the off-season, but why wouldn't you train practice with your Cavaliers teammates and train for basketball instead of training for different sports?

I really don't want to see this become a trend, but know today's culture which is driven and ruled by the media and "reality TV shows." I wouldn't be surprised to see more athletes follow suit; especially someone like LeBron James. "The King" doesn't want to be out done by anyone either, and will have to come up with some reality TV show in order to remain "on top" in the public eye. I've got a good suggestion for a show he should do: "I Dunked on LeBron James." Xavier's Jordan Crawford could be the guy who introduces each new player that will get a shot at dunking on LBJ. I'm sure Nike would walk right into MTV's station and ask for their tapes of the show so we'd never be able to see it.

It's a sad sad thing to watch great athletes do things like this. If this is a sign of things to come and is the future of entertainment, maybe Mike Judge got things right when he made the film "Idiocracy."

Posted on: January 23, 2008 11:00 am

Best Two-Sport Athlete?

I was just thinking what if some of our best athletes in the NBA, NFL, etc. played two or more sports? Who would be the best athlete that could play two or more sports? There have been players in the past like Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson that could and did play 2 or more sports, but now days there isn't many athletes that could do both. I started looking at some players today that could do it and came up with a top 5 list:

1. LeBron James: 6'8'' 250 lbs

 player photoLeBron is an incredible athlete. He was an All-State WR in high school as well as a great basketball player. I think he could easily play football, and maybe baseball too (if Michael Jordan tried, then so could LeBron). He is big, fast, strong, etc. He is an all around great athlete, and has the athletic abilities to be able to play almost any sport.


2. Antonio Gates: 6'4'' 260 lbs

player photo Gates was originally a basketball player in college. He played both football and basketball in high school, but basketball was always his favorite. So, he wanted to play both in college, but the coaches didn't like that too much. So just played basketball in college, and even led Kent State to an Elite Eigth spot in the NCAA tourney. Gates ended up going to the NFL and is one of the best TEs. He could still play basketball though and be a great forward after he lost a few pounds.


3. Terrell Owens: 6'3'' 218 lbs

player photo TO played football, basketball, and ran track when he was in college. He is a great athlete even though his mouth can get in the way of this talent sometimes. He could easily play basketball as well, and be a guard. I could see him playing basketball and running his mouth and trash talking even more than he does in football.


4. Randy Moss: 6'4'' 210 lbs

player photo Moss never played any other sport in college like TO and Gates, but he has the same skills as TO and is close to the same size. He has the same (but possibley better) skills as TO. TO only has the advantage on him because TO actually played in college. Who knows though, maybe Moss could have as well.


5. Alex Rodriguez: 6'3'' 225 lbs

player photo You may be thinking. "What? A-Rod? What other sport could he play?" Well, after he graduated from high school, University of Miami wanted to give A-Rod a scholarship to play baseball and play quarterback for the football team as well. A-Rod is a great and talented athlete with a lot a strong arm, good strength, and good speed. I could see him being a QB, and possibly playing some basketball as a guard with his speed. The only question is, can he shoot a jumper? I don't know, but he definately has the athletic ability to play football or basketball as well.



I tried to think of at least one player from each sport besides hockey. I'm not sure if too many hockey players could play any other sport. These guys are just the first 5 I could think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there are other athletes that could play both too, but these are just the top 5 I could think of. If you guys know of any other, feel free to add in your two cents!

Posted on: January 18, 2008 6:47 pm

Which is your favorite?

What sport is your favorite sport? Out of the 4 major sports, basketball, football, baseball, and hockey, which one is your favorite? Which is your favorite to watch and to actually play (for those of us that are actually athletic enough to play ).

My favorite is basketball. It is my favorite to watch, and to play. I have enjoyed playing and watching basketball since I was 5 years old. I like the fast pace action of going up and down the court. I like the feeling when you hit a game winning shot, or when you block someone. When I watch basketball, I like to watch it more than any other sport because of the non-stop action and scoring. That's my favorite sport, but I can see why people would like all the sports as well. I have played all of them, and been interested in all kinds of sports my whole life.

What I like most about football is the hard hitting tackling. It's great to be able to just lay someone out! It really gets the adreniline pumping! It's really fun to watch it as well. Seeing guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning throw perfect passes, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens make spectacular catches, Jason Taylor sacking the QB, Ray Lewis nailing the RB, Champ Bailey making a great interception, and Devin Hester taking back a punt of kick off for a TD.

What I like most about baseball is the feeling you get after you hit a homerun. It makes you feel stronger everytime you hit one out of the park! I love watching David Ortiz or Ryan Howard slam one out of the park, Justin Verlander or Josh Beckett getting a huge strikeout, Jose Reyes stealing a base, the defense pulling off a double or even a triple play, and when Andruw Jones or Tori Hunter make a spectacular catch in the outfield.

Hockey is my least favorite sport, but I still can have some fun watch or playing it. The funnest thing about hockey to me is the checking. It's like tackling a guy in football, except you on ice! That can get the blood pumpin' real good! I like watching Sidney Crosby making an awesome goal, watching Nicklas Lidstrom making a bone crushing hit, and when Chris Osgood make an unbelieveable stop at the net.

All sports are fun and interesting in their own way, but they all have something that makes us choose one over the other. I can see why anyone would choose any of them, and they are all great to me. My favorite just happens to be basketball, but what is everyone elses favorite sport?

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